How to claim KBC winner 2019 Prize?

29 May

By: KBC Lottery Winner 2018

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Are you a JIO KBC winner 2019 but unable to find your name on KBC winner list?
Over the course of past few months, there have been various complaints from KBC lucky winners about not being able to find their names on KBC winner list or being unable to claim their winning prizes.

If you are one of the people affected by the changing policy of the show; then continue to read on as we explain all the details of how you can claim your prize.

How to become part of the KBC lucky draw?

Now, before we look at the ways of claiming your KBC winner prize money, let’s have a look at how you can become part of the biggest game show and get a chance of winning 7 crore INR.

To ease up the participation of all Indians in the game show, the authorities had revised the JIO KBC lucky draw conditions. Under the new rules set out by KBC authorities, now all the Indian nationals residing in India have an equal chance of being a KBC lucky draw winner.


Well, the new system automatically takes up names of all the Indians with a valid SIM card in their names. Yes, that means that if you are an Indian national residing in the country and have a valid SIM card registered to your name, you have a chance to become part of the KBC show, so you don’t have to worry about “KBC me kaise Jaye” or “KBC me registration Kasie kare” anymore.

The KBC lucky draws will be held twice 15th and 30th of every month and all you would need to do is to recharge your sim card and you will automatically qualify as an entrée to the KBC lucky draw, simple isn’t it?

How to claim my KBC lucky winner prize?

Now, as we mentioned earlier that there have been reports about KBC lucky winners not being able to claim their prize or not be to find their names in KBC winner list due to various reasons.

Here the main point which needed to be understood is that there have been various fraud reports being reported to authorities where the participants complained about fraud calls from Pakistani as well as local numbers; pretending to be from KBC head office number and resulting in compromised safety of participants as well as lost money.

That’s why the authorities have streamlined the process of prize claiming by the KBC winners. Now, to help participants with the valid information, there are dedicated 24/7 open helplines of KBC head office numbers where you can call confidently and be sure of your safety. The KBC lucky winners can also find the latest KBC winners list on the online portal or they can simply dial the KBC head office number to ask customer support representatives about their winning prize.

So, there you have it. The authorities of KBC are always up to help participants and winners with streamlined and safe procedures. If you are one of the KBC lucky winners or looking to get KBC online registration, just call KBC head office number and the officials will be glad to help you with the latest information and process.

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